Learn you some Lambda best practice for great good

Thank you for checking out this course, where you will learn AWS Lambda best practices around performance, cost, security and much more.

Here is what you will learn in the course:


  • How to find the right memory setting for my workload?
  • What affects Lambda cold start times?
  • How to make cold starts faster?
  • How to eliminate cold starts with Provisioned Concurrency?
  • How to improve performance by processing data in parallel?


  • How to implement the fan-out patterns?
  • How to control concurrency to protect downstream systems?
  • When should I use API Gateway service proxies?
  • How to handle RDS connections?


  • How to apply the least privilege principle?
  • How to securely handle secrets?
  • How to secure API Gateway APIs?
  • What do I need to know about server-side encryption?


  • How to improve the resilience of my application with a multi-region, active-active setup?
  • How to handle partial failures when working with a batched event source?
  • When should I use Lambda destinations?


  • What alerts should I have for my application?
  • How can I capture and forward correlation IDs in my logs?
  • What’s the difference between X-Ray, Lumigo, Epsagon and Thundra?


  • What cost monitoring tools are out there?
  • What should I watch out for in terms of cost?
  • How do I keep my CloudWatch Logs cost in check?
  • How do I choose between API Gateway and ALB?
  • How does using provisioned concurrency affect Lambda cost?




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