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Build GraphQL APIs with

AppSync, Lambda and DynamoDB

Learn how to build performant and scalable GraphQL APIs quickly and cheaply, without having to manage any infrastructure!

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"Doing the AppSync Masterclass course has given me the confidence and skills to start a project I've been wanting to do for 5 years."

Geoff Baskwill

Trend Micro

"This is by far the best course available of AppSync!"

Frederico Braun

CTO at Delta Innovation Hub

"Extremely in-depth, yet still very approachable."

Søren Andersen

Freelance IT Consultant

Build a Twitter clone using these technologies

10 things you will learn

What is GraphQL?

How do GraphQL APIs work? How to define a GraphQL schema.

What is AppSync?

Resolvers, Data Sources, Mapping templates, Pipeline Resolvers and how they all fit together.


Best practices for logging, monitoring and tracing so you can spot and fix issues in production quickly.


How to optimize Lambda cold starts and use caching to improve response time and scalability.


Hands-on experience with popular AWS services such as AppSync, Lambda and DynamoDB.

GraphQL vs REST

How are GraphQL APIs different from REST? The pros & cons of each, and when you should them.

Testing & Debugging

How to test AppSync APIs both locally as well as remotely (end-to-end tests).


How to secure AppSync APIs with the right auth method and prevent unauthorized access.

Design Patterns

Architectural design patterns around AppSync and modelling techniques for DynamoDB.


Hands-on experience building something non-trivial with the popular Vue.js framework.

What you will build

  • User registration
  • Sign out
  • Edit my profile
  • Get timeline
  • Reply to tweets
  • Likes
  • Follow users
  • Search
  • Notifications
  • Sign in
  • Get user profile
  • Upload media
  • Post tweets
  • Retweets
  • Hashtags
  • Unfollow users
  • Direct messages
  • Analytics tracking
  • User registration
  • Sign in
  • Sign out
  • Get user profile
  • Edit my profile
  • Upload media
  • Get timeline
  • Post tweets
  • Reply to tweets
  • Retweets
  • Likes
  • Hashtags
  • Follow users
  • Unfollow users
  • Search
  • Direct messages
  • Notifications
  • Analytics tracking
Thanks for such great content! Your lessons are full of concepts we need to understand to effectively use AppSync in a project.
Santiago Pergamo
Full Stack Developer at AccelOne
Super-helpful so far! I'm only halfway through chapter 4 and have already learnt tons. The pace has been excellent.
Geoff Baskwill
Software Developer at Trend Micro
This course is full of information that would take years of trial and error to accumulate on your own. Yan builds up practical knowledge alongside muscle memory in this very well thought out course. The only thing missing is Yan’s lovely cat.
Susan McNab
Consultant at pxino:uno
This is by far the most robust and detailed course on AWS AppSync. Love the step by step examples and walkthrough, and love the testing and design patterns used and build a real-life project. Best AppSync serverless course out there!
Orr Levinger
Senior Software Engineer at BeamUP
This course is great for learning AppSync in a very practical way - by building out a Twitter clone step-by-step. If you are thinking about starting a new side project, take this course first!
David Kerr
Site Reliability Engineer at Galileo
You can tell it's based on real-world experience and not from textbook examples. Very insightful and stuffed with insights needed to be successful in any larger AppSync project.
Anders Quist
Cloud Consultant at Polestar Devhouse
I just bought the Appsync Masterclass! Seriously, I took a look at the free lessons and the Github repository - how could I not buy this? Now I‘m gonna take my Appsync skills to the next level!
Tobias Geiselmann (@geiselmann)
It's just the beginning and I already learned a lot of new things and also improved in what I already felt more familiar with. Really enjoyed the part about big effort/low return of unit tests.
Jakub Wilkowski (@JakubWilk16)
Yan is simply awesome. do yourself something good and take the chance to level up on his courses.
Andreas Grimm
Cloud Solutions Architect at Hrmony GmbH
Very in-depth course so far. The course moves quickly, but not so fast that you can't develop along with it.
Dave O'Keeffe
Principal Software Developer at Marino Software
I finally got around to start on your AppSync Masterclass course. I wish this course existed back in June when I embarked on my AWS journey. Worth every single penny.
Toomas H (@iamtoomas)
It's a very unique course. Yan uses best practices ( such as testing ) to really prepare you to create safe, production-ready applications in AppSync.
Djordje Nikolic
Full Stack Developer at Upstack.co
I learned a lot! Even I can use this knowledge to improve the AppSync API with custom functionalities using VTL or lambdas!
Andrés Montoya
Frontend Developer at Diey.io
One of the best resource to learn AppSync. Thank you Yan for such an amazing course!​
Vishal Gautam​
Full Stack Developer at Enphase Energy
If you can only afford 1 course, I would suggest you go for this one. I have been watching online tutorials for many years but never seen anything like it!
Sarvesh Kesharwani
Frontend Engineer at Amazon
The course content is great, but the awesome part is seeing Yan's thinking process. How he structures the project and using cloud best practices.
Diego Maia
Senior Java Developer at Altran
I am a total newbie when it comes to AppSync or AWS. But the way Yan breakdowns his course is very thoughtful. It is reasonable to follow yet challenging and I learn new things everyday. Thanks Yan!
Zhuangda Zhu
Extremely in-depth, yet still very approachable. This compelling tech stack is king of both productivity and possibilities. Hats off to Yan and Gerard for delivering this awesome course packed with knowledge and insights. Much, much recommended!
Søren Andersen
Freelance IT Consultant

About the instructor

Hi there, I’m Yan. I have helped hundreds of thousands of developers get up to speed with AWS and serverless technologies through my blog theburningmonk.com.

I am an AWS Serverless Hero and have authored multiple books and video courses on the topic of AWS and Serverless. I have also spoken at over 150 conferences around the world, including at AWS re:Invent.

I have run production workload on AWS for over 10 years now. In that time, I have been an architect and principal engineer with a variety of industries ranging from banking, e-commerce, sports streaming to mobile gaming.

Nowadays, I help clients adopt AWS and serverless as an independent consultant. I have implemented several complex GraphQL APIs with AppSync, including a new social network. I have designed this course so you too can unlock the power of GraphQL and serverless, while avoiding the mistakes I made along the way!

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  • Registration
  • Manage user profiles
  • Upload images
  • Timeline
  • Post tweets
  • Reply/Retweet/Like
  • Follow/Unfollow users
  • CI/CD

Plus Package



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  • Everything from Basic Package
  • Search
  • Hashtags
  • Notifications
  • Direct messages
  • GraphQL subscriptions
  • Caching
  • Optimizing Lambda cold starts
  • Two-way pagination

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  • Everything from Plus Package
  • Analytics tracking
  • Custom domain name
  • Versioning strategies
  • Per-resolver metrics
  • Set up CloudWatch dashboard
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • X-Ray
  • Model multi-tenant APIs
  • Progressive Web App

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As both the frontend and backend components are written in JavaScript, you should have a working knowledge of it and be able to read basic JavaScript – variable assignment, calling methods, for loops, etc.

We will teach you the basics of the AWS services you will use, including the fundamentals of IAM, CloudFormation, Lambda and DynamoDB. However, you need to have access to an AWS account, with administrator access, so you will not have any problems with creating resources in the account.

This course is designed for students who are interested in learning about GraphQL and how AppSync can help you build GraphQL APIs that are both performant and scalable.

Even if you’re already familiar with building GraphQL APIs that run on servers, this course can still offer a lot of value because you can see how you can build GraphQL APIs using entirely serverless components. There is very low maintenance overhead even in production – you don’t need to configure and patch servers, no need to set up up auto-scaling or load balancers, no need to install monitoring agents. You get all of these capabilities (and more!) out-of-the-box when you use serverless services such as AppSync, Lambda and DynamoDB.

Companies such as iRobot and LEGO, and countless others just like them, have fully embraced serverless technologies because they allow their teams to focus on building things that add value to their respective businesses instead of managing infrastructure.

As Matt Klein, the creator of the Envoy proxy and an engineer at Lyft once said – “Unless you’re an infrastructure company, infrastructure is basically overhead”.

Engineers are a valuable resource, it stands to reason that you should use valuable resources to solve valuable problems for your business.

Both GraphQL and serverless technologies can drastically help improve engineer productivity. When used together, you can do amazing things, very quickly. For example, I recently built the GraphQL backend for a client on my own in less than 4 weeks. You can watch this talk for more details.

No, I won’t.

Amplify consists of 3 separate components:

  1. The Amplify-js library, which is a client-side library that makes it easy for you to implement authentication against Cognito and perform GraphQL queries.
  2. The Amplify CLI, which is a CLI tool that can help you bootstrap a new frontend project and also configure AWS resources such as Cognito User Pools and DynamoDB tables.
  3. The Amplify service, 

In this course, we will only be using the Amplify-js library.

Although the Amplify CLI is a powerful tool and can help teams bootstrap a project quickly, it hides too much important details from you and many of its auto-generated code are also not optimal for performance or scalability.

In this course, I want to help you understand how the underlying services work so you don’t have to fear them anymore.

Master your tools, don’t let them master you.

After this course, if you still wish to use the Amplify CLI for convenience then at least you can do so from a position of knowledge and are able to deal with any issues that arise because you understand how it works under the hood.


At the moment, the course is still in Early Access, meaning the contents are not fully completed yet. As such, you can also get it at a discount.

New lessons are still being worked on and will be released as and when they’re ready.

As the course gets closer to completion, we expect the price to go up accordingly.

At the moment, I’m targetting completing the whole course by the end of 1st quarter 2022.

If you don’t like it, you can get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase with no questions asked.


Team licenses are available and you’d get a great discount too! Check the links above.

Yes. There’s a free preview in each of the packages, and you can access the introductory lessons for free.

Yes, if you want to upgrade to a higher package (hopefully that means you see the value of this course!) then drop me an email at theburningmonk@hey.com with a copy of your original invoice and I’ll sort it out for you.

Yes, absolutely. Drop me an email at theburningmonk@hey.com and explain your situation to me. Maybe you’re a student, or you’re out-of-work, or maybe the price is just too high for your country, whatever the case, I’d like to help.